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World Language Program in Howard County click here
Achieving Success in Language Study click here
Benefits of Learning Another Language click here
World Language FAQ's link click here
How is a World Language scheduled in middle school? click here
Which Language: French or Spanish? click here
Why Study Spanish? click here
Why Study French? click here
World Language Study in Middle School click here
World Languages at Patapsco Middle School click here

World Language Study in Howard County click here

World Language Curriculum in Howard County middle schools click here
World Languages Grading Policy click here
Foreign Language Websites click here  

The Euro and the Dollar  click here

Language Tree click here

French Vocabulary: Grades 7 and 8: click here

Subject pronouns and -er verbs practice: click here

French Photos click here

French Games: Le cafe click here    As-tu l'heure? click here
French Powerpoints: Les Descriptions click here   Les Sports click here
French Powerpoint: Ma ville: les magasins et les directions click here

French Numbers 1-31 flashcards click here

French Days and Months flashcards (1a) click here

School Supplies flashcards (1b) click here

How to form questions click here

French Websites click here 

Napoleon Game Show Powerpoint click here
Q2 Fr.8 Evaluation - les verbes Powerpoint click here

Spanish Photos click here

Spanish Games: Capitulo 2A click here   Los numeros click here
Spanish Powerpoint: -AR verbs click here
Spanish Powerpoint: La hora click here

Spanish 7 and 8 Vocabulary Lists click here

Spanish Websites click here
Q2 Sp.8 Evaluación - los verbos Powerpoint  click here

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